Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils

Spring is almost here and, what better way to prepare for the new season than to let go of emotional patterns that are wearing you down? The emotional (limbic) system of our brain is strongly impacted by fragrance. So, the aromas of pure essential oils can be very supportive in soothing emotions and providing a sense of well being. 

I recently attended a talk led by Carolyn Mein, author of "Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils." This book was very helpful to me when I first started using essential oils, and I have found it very helpful to begin using again. The book makes it easy to begin using by listing dozens of emotions, the opposite side of each emotion, the point in the body where the emotion resides and an affirmation for releasing the emotion. Just reading through the list and writing down the emotions I identified with proved to be very powerful. I like to think of the process as peeling an onion - there are many layers to clearing emotional patterns, and this book is a powerful resource.

In addition to clearing emotions, it also offers insights into the ways in essential oils can be used to release worn out emotional patterns, and support well being, while offering inspiration for self improvement. Are you ready to get started? Order your Premium Starter Kit of 11 essential oils, along with Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils today!  I would love to hear about your results, feel free to message me to let me know. 

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